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Steel Structural analysis is a very important part of a design of buildings and other built assets such as bridges and tunnels, as structural loads can cause stress, deformation and displacement that may result in structural problems or even failure. The building regulations require that structures must be designed and built to be able to withstand all load types that they are likely to face during their lifecycle. There are a number of different types of load than can act upon a structure, the...
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Aug 13, 2019
When dealing with connected nodes, the following basic principles are required: Safe and reliable. The force analysis should be as close as possible to the actual working condition, and the calculation sketch should be consistent with or close to the actual connection condition of the component; the joint should have a clear force transmission route and reliable construction guarantee. Easy to make, transport and install. Reduce the type of nodes; the size of the splicing should leave room for a...
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Jul 26, 2019
Steel structure surface treatment is a very important part. It was observed that the corrosion of the steel structure increased exponentially at an increasing rate each year. In the first year, it is a spotted rust point, and then a rust bubble is formed. After the bubble bursts in the second year, it begins to erode in the depth under the urging of the external medium, and then the coating begins to fall off with the iron oxide. The following table lists the annual corrosion situation of a stee...
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Jul 24, 2019
The steel structure has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good plasticity and toughness, and short construction period, so it has been widely used and developed in construction engineering. According to incomplete statistics, from 1964 to 1977, there were about 8,000 buildings of different sizes in China, which used a steel grid structure with a total coverage of 900 square meters. The high-rise steel structure projects that have been built and under construction in China have...
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Jul 22, 2019
The average steel structure is 50 years in the design life, and the probability of being damaged by the use of the overload during the use of the steel structure is small. Most of the steel structure damage is caused by the deterioration of structural mechanical properties and physical properties caused by corrosion. The Steel Structure Design Code has certain requirements for the corrosion protection of steel structures used for more than 25 years. Therefore, it is required that the coating pro...
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Jul 19, 2019
Cost control is a key factor in the profitability of steel Structure construction projects . Cost management of steel structure is an organized and systematic forecasting, planning, control, accounting, assessment and analysis of the construction process. This is a comprehensive management work. I. Problems in project cost management 1. The awareness of cost management is not strong. In the project management, many managers are influenced by traditional concepts, the cost management awareness is...
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Jul 15, 2019
H beam has two production methods: hot-rolledforming and weldedforming. Welded H-beams are cut to the appropriate width, then the edges and waist are welded together on a continuous welding process line. Welded H-beams have the disadvantages of high metal consumption, low economic efficiency of production, and difficulty in ensuring uniform product performance. Therefore, H-beam production is mainly based on rolling.Hot-rolled H-beams have outstanding characteristics such as high quality, high e...
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Jul 12, 2019
The Function Of Supporting System In Portal Frame 1.Forming a longitudinal frame with the load-bearing frame to ensure the overall stability and longitudinal stiffness of the main frame during installation and usage. 2.Provide reliable support for the outer plane of the rigid frame or reduce the calculated length outside the plane of the rigid frame. 3.Bear the wind load on the gable at the end of the house, the horizontal load on the longitudinal direction of the crane and other longitudinal fo...
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Jul 10, 2019
Here are the basics: 1.Conceive your steel structure . 2.Check to see if the shape of the structure and arrangement will fulfill the function it was intended for. 3.Idealize it as an assembly of basic elements (bars, beams, columns, plates, shells etc.) 4.Decide how these elements are assembled and the nature of the connections. 5.Decide where and how the structure will be supported and the nature of the supports ( technically called specifying support conditions) 6.Choose the material grades (M...
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Jul 08, 2019
For steel structure workshops , it is common to use a roof fan with clerestoryfor ventilation and cooling, as below. However during the construction process of Qingdao Yili Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd that we were found some workshops couldnt reach good ventilation and cooling effects. Therefore, we kindly remind the customers who want to do steel structure workshops that should consider the problem of ventilation and cooling. In order to avoid passive installation of plant ventilation...
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Jul 05, 2019
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