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Three Cooling Methods For Steel Structure Workshop

- Jun 25, 2019 -
It is a comprehensive problem to chose the best cooling method for steel structure workshop. Firstly, you need to find the factors to influence temperature of the workshop, then think about how to solve this problem according to those factors. Here are some questions about cooling steel structure workshop before taking solutions.
1. What is the thermal insulation performance of the steel structure workshop?
2. Does the steel structure workshop have a cooling system?
3. What is the ventilation performance of the steel structure workshop?

Ventilation Cooling System
When machines are is running, it will produce heat and vapor, if they can not discharge in time, they will accumulate in the workshop which will increase the temperature of steel structure workshop.
Install roof forced ventilation exhaust fans
The power fan is a kind of ventilation device driven by electric power. It has a good exhaust effect and can adapt to the ventilation of any environment.
The unpowered ventilator is a kind of ventilation device that relies on the principle of the air convection. When air environment is a difference between indoor and outdoor, air flow will be generated to eliminate indoor exhaust gas and hot air. This device is environment friendly. It doesn’t require additional power. However, it is highly dependent on the environment and cannot be forced to exhaust. The main products are turbine ventilators, strip ventilators (lighting belt ventilation), roof ventilators and so on.
Forced Cooling System
Forced cooling means to install the cooling fans on the roof. The cooling fans obey the principle of water cooling. The strong exhaust fan delivers the cold air to the indoor. It can keep the indoor temperature of the workshop at a comfortable temperature of 26-30 °C. Its power consumption is equivalent to 1/8 of the air conditioner. The cost is 1/2 of the air conditioner, which is a good way to force the workshop to cool down.
Thermal insulation to cooling
Steel structure workshop insulation can isolate most of the solar radiation and conduction heat, reducing the indoor greenhouse effect, which greatly reducing the temperature of the plant. There are two popular options as followings:
1. Roof is covered with glass wool. The thickness is usually 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and the density is 64kg/m3. This way can reduce the indoor temperature by 5-8 °C. But the construction process is complicated. If it is to remould an old factory, you need to removed the original roof, and install the steel mesh, then cover the glass wool on the steel wire, then, cover the original roof panel. At last, do a waterproof treatment.
2. Spray high-efficiency heat-reflective coatings on the roof panel. This product has excellent thermal insulation properties and can be applied to various surfaces such as metal, concrete, gray wall, wood structure surface, asbestos tile, plastic, fiberglass and rubber. The coating is 0.25mm thick, which is equivalent to the effect of 250px-375px glass wool. It can reflect 99.5% infrared, 92.5% visible light, the highest sound insulation effect is 68%, and the average sound insulation effect is more than 50%. This material is Class A fireproof, completely non-combustible. Non-toxic and safe, long-lasting and durable, with a service life of more than 15 years (for details, please refer to the engineering materials file). The construction is convenient, there is no damage to the original roof. And it also can prevent the aging of the roof. Using this method, the surface temperature difference of the sheet can reach 20 °C, the indoor temperature difference can reach 8-10 °C, and the energy consumption of the steel structure work can be reduced by 30-70%.

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