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Five Methods of Steel Structure Building Ventilation -1

- Jul 05, 2019 -
For steel structure workshops, it is common to use a roof fan with clerestory for ventilation and cooling, as below.

However during the construction process of Qingdao Yili Steel Structure&Engineering Co., Ltd that we were found some workshops couldn’t reach good ventilation and cooling effects. Therefore, we kindly remind the customers who want to do steel structure workshops that should consider the problem of ventilation and cooling. In order to avoid passive installation of plant ventilation equipment during use. It can avoid adverse consequences such as large damage to the plant facilities, unsatisfactory ventilation, and inability to install.
General the high Steel Structure workshop without special high-power heating equipment. And the personnel are not very dense, there is no odor or dust. It should be used the roof fan + gas building is ok. However, for some hardware, plastics, casting, forging, clothing, electroplating, electric welding plants, especially for some factories that produce more smoke and odor, natural ventilation can not effectively discharge harmful gases in the workshop. These gases accumulate in the midair of the plant, forming a smoke mass, which has a certain impact on the normal production of the factory. When worker working in Smoke and high temperature environment. If there is no other ventilation and cooling equipment, will make the factory staff feel very stuffy and affect the production efficiency.
For such as steel structure workshops with higher structure and large span.
In order to solve the problem of ventilation and cooling of the plant and the problem of smoke exhausting. The best way is to install a large exhaust fan on the roof to exhaust the outside.
It will make wind to form indoor negative pressure, A large amount of fresh air is injected into the workshop from around the workshop to form air convection. So that the effect of ventilation and exhaust is better.

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