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Five Methods of Steel Structure Building Ventilation -2

- Jul 05, 2019 -
So that we recommend some advice as follow. (steel structure workshop that need active ventilation):
1.Please consider the active ventilation problem during planning and design. It is recommended to install the air exhaust fans (the active air exhaust effect of a 1380*1380 negative pressure fan can replace dozens of natural ventilation air balls, as below).

If a negative pressure fan with active exhaust is installed on the roof and a wind ball is installed, a part of the air will directly enter the plant from the wind ball and be removed by the negative pressure fan, which will form a “short circuit” in the air, resulting in waste of resources.
2. If  designing the office in the workshop, please design it at both ends of the workshop. In other words, the office is best designed on the short side of the plant. If it must be designed on the long side, the height of the office should can not too high. And it need to keep the ventilation window on the outside wall of the office. This is very important, please keep in mind.
3. When designing active ventilation equipment, it is recommended to choose a square large-capacity negative pressure fan with rain-proof louvers. The square negative pressure fan is easy to install. It is suitable for installation on the channel steel.
4. Please reserve the hole for installing the fan. If you install a negative pressure fans, the most mature model is 1380*1380*350. Please reserve a hole of 1420 height. In other words, the distance between the upper and lower channels of the installation fan is 1420. Generally the weight of the fan is within 80KG. So please consider the load-bearing problem. Usually principle of installations that is install a fan every 100 square meters of factory.
5. Clerestory: It is recommended to choose a double-shaped Clerestory. This kind of Clerestory is easy to install, and the ventilation and smoke exhausting effect is better. It is best to extend a part of the upper part of the Clerestory to prevent rain.

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