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The Difference Between Hot-Rolled H Beam and Weled H Beam

- Jul 12, 2019 -

H beam has two production methods: hot-rolled forming and welded forming. Welded H-beams are cut to the appropriate width, then the edges and waist are welded together on a continuous welding process line. Welded H-beams have the disadvantages of high metal consumption, low economic efficiency of production, and difficulty in ensuring uniform product performance. Therefore, H-beam production is mainly based on rolling. Hot-rolled H-beams have outstanding characteristics such as high quality, high efficiency, low consumption and low cost, and have great advantages in improving the quality of steel materials and improving the economic benefits.
High-frequency welding H beam. The technical characteristics of high-frequency welding H-beam are:
(1) welding speed is fast, can reach 18-45m/min
(2) small heat impact, easy to control the deformation of H-beam
(3) H-beam can be welded with different material combinations
4) It can realize micro tension production and reduce welding stress.
Technical level:
(1) High dimensional accuracy
(2) Excellent cross-section performance
(3) Cross-sectional dimensions can be customized
When the specifications and materials are the same, the hot-rolled H beam steel can completely replace the welded H-beam. The former is more reliable than the latter. Under normal circumstances, in the design of the structure, hot-rolled H-beams should be used for multi-tall buildings. For light-duty steel buildings with portal frame structures, welded H-beams is better.

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