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Steel structure project cost control and management measures

- Jul 15, 2019 -
Cost control is a key factor in the profitability of steel Structure construction projects. Cost management of steel structure is an organized and systematic forecasting, planning, control, accounting, assessment and analysis of the construction process. This is a comprehensive management work.

I. Problems in project cost management
1. The awareness of cost management is not strong. In the project management, many managers are influenced by traditional concepts, the cost management awareness is not strong, lack of legal awareness, responsibility awareness, no contract concept, economic awareness, and often some projects have finished their work and even more work, but The project payment cannot be recovered due to lack of necessary procedures and evidence.
2, the quality of personnel is not high, the sense of responsibility is not strong.
Some people with experience in construction management and organization have limited cost management capabilities, and the level of professional culture theory is not high; college students with theoretical knowledge are not experienced enough; there are not many compound talents. In particular, some project departments have no responsibility system, and there is no target cost decomposition, which further stimulates the negative absenteeism of the project staff.
3. Material management is not strict and waste is serious. Material costs account for 60% of the entire project cost, and the profit and loss of material costs directly affect the profit and loss of the entire project.
II. The construction project cost control plan
The construction project cost control plan is a complete system. The cost plan is closely related to other aspects of the plan, they are independent of each other, and they are interdependent and mutually constrained. The cost plan is the goal of all staff to work together. In order to effectively reduce the cost of construction projects, the unit should first study the measures to reduce costs. The technical organization measures adopted should pass the test and measurement. However, all measures to reduce costs must be based on the quality of the project.
III. strengthen the measures of cost control management
1. Strengthen the project department's awareness of cost accounting for construction projects, and establish and improve the management system for project cost accounting. In the "two systems" construction, the project cost accounting system is the basis and basis for project cost management. by
2. Strengthen the supervision of construction cost accounting and enhance the quality construction and responsibility of the cost accountant. Managers should consciously study and strictly implement the construction cost control and accounting system.
3. Select and use the labor contractor to encourage and use the operational layer of the enterprise. In order to meet the labor demand of the project, it is necessary to select a certain amount of labor force and establish a relatively stable and regularly assessed dynamic management of qualified labor subcontractors. Strengthen the centralized management of labor funds.
4. Strengthen material management. Material cost is very important, and if material management is neglected, project cost management will not be discussed. First of all, the construction budget preparation material demand plan is also the basis for the project department to limit the operation layer. If excessive materials are found during the construction process, the material management personnel must immediately check the reasons.
5. Management of the use of machinery and equipment on the construction site. Construction machinery and equipment is also an important part of the project cost target. Always ensure that the machine is in good condition during use, reducing idleness and damage. Combined with the engineering quantity, construction method and schedule requirements and engineering characteristics, the types and specifications of the main mechanical equipment are determined first, and then the auxiliary machinery is used to make the mechanical performance fully exerted.
Through the above description, cost management is a comprehensive work, which requires multiple departments to cooperate with each other. Any flaws in engineering, materials, finance, labor and capital will cause unnecessary loss of engineering costs.

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