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How Can You Protect Steel Structures From Corrosion?

- Jul 19, 2019 -
The average steel structure is 50 years in the design life, and the probability of being damaged by the use of the overload during the use of the steel structure is small. Most of the steel structure damage is caused by the deterioration of structural mechanical properties and physical properties caused by corrosion. The Steel Structure Design Code has certain requirements for the corrosion protection of steel structures used for more than 25 years. Therefore, it is required that the coating protection on the outside of the steel structure should meet the requirements for the use of the steel structure. Under normal circumstances, the steel structure needs to be maintained for three years (cleaning the dust, rust and other contaminants in the steel structure and then painting). The variety and specifications of the paint should be the same as the original paint. Otherwise, the compatibility of the two paints will bring greater harm. The user should have regular maintenance and maintenance in a planned manner.


1. Method for preventing rust of steel structure
There are many ways to prevent rusting of steel structures, and the following are usually used.
1.1. Making steel structure with alloy steel that is not easy to rust
1.2, chemical oxide layer protection method
1.3, using metal plating protection method
1.4, non-metallic coating protection method
Non-metallic coating protection is especially common during later maintenance and service. The surface of the component is protected by paint and plastic, and it is not in contact with the surrounding corrosive medium to achieve the purpose of anticorrosion. The method has good effect, low price, wide variety of coatings, wide selection range, strong applicability, no limitation on the shape and size of the member, and can form a film with any shape on the surface of the member, and the adhesion is firm, and the temperature can change with The components are telescopic and easy to use. It is also possible to give the member a beautiful appearance.
2. The requirements of the daily maintenance of the coating
    For maintenance personnel, the daily maintenance of the steel structure should first be the maintenance of the surface coating of the components. The maintenance of the coating directly affects the service life of the steel structure. Therefore, to do routine maintenance, you should start with the following points:
(1) The surface of the steel structure must be kept clean and dry, and the place where the steel structure is easy to accumulate (such as the steel column foot and the gusset plate) should be cleaned regularly.
(2) Regularly check the integrity of the steel structure protective coating. Any one of the following shall be promptly maintained:
   1), the area of ​​the surface of the coating was found to be tarnished to 90%;
   2), the surface of the coating is rough, weathered and cracked up to 25%;
   3), the coating film is raised and the component has a slight rust area of ​​40%;
(3) The steel structure parts affected by high temperature and high temperature shall be provided with protective plates to protect the coating from high temperature damage.
(4) Try to avoid contact between the components and the corrosive substances. If they have been contacted, they should be cleaned up in time.

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