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Characteristics and Status Quo of Steel Structures

- Jul 22, 2019 -
The steel structure has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good plasticity and toughness, and short construction period, so it has been widely used and developed in construction engineering. According to incomplete statistics, from 1964 to 1977, there were about 8,000 buildings of different sizes in China, which used a steel grid structure with a total coverage of 900 square meters. The high-rise steel structure projects that have been built and under construction in China have been There are 54 buildings.

We all know that the Olympic Stadium "Bird's Nest" held in Beijing in 2008 is also made of steel. The steel structure has a distinct weakness - easy to corrode. According to incomplete statistics, the annual economic losses caused by corrosion in China are over 40 billion people, and about 30% of the 90 million tons of steel output per year is consumed by various forms of corrosion.

According to incomplete statistics, the reference value of the economic durability of steel buildings that are regularly maintained is generally 70 years for production, 50 years for corroded production houses, and 80 years for non-production houses. The reinforced concrete structure (including frame structure, shear wall structure, cylinder structure, frame-shear wall structure, etc.): 50 years for production, 35 years for corroded production, and 60 years for non-production. It can be seen that the importance of regular maintenance and maintenance after the installation of the steel structure is completed.

However, surveys in recent years have found that some steel structure users do not know that the steel structure still needs maintenance. As a result of serious corrosion, users often can not find, so that steel products have many unsafe hidden dangers, reducing the safety of the steel structure in use, and even affect the normal use of functions. It is recommended that the design unit not only propose the coating requirements of the steel structure in the coating design description of the steel structure, but also propose the maintenance requirements of the steel structure according to its use.

In the design specification, the environmental factors of the steel structure during use should be considered. At the same time, the time and age of the steel structure should be considered, and then the type of coating and the film thickness should be determined to ensure the service life of the steel structure and determine the maintenance. Time and maintenance methods, processes, etc., to ensure extended service life of the steel structure.

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