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Option 1: Finishing components

Finishing components

2.10 m long components with 25 µ polyester coating, under protective film, with their self-tapping screws.

Available in the following RAL colors:


Option 2: Mini boltable gutter

gutter 200 mmgutter 400 mm

This option allows you to extend the gutter beyond the endwalls.

Are included in the option:

  • A 200 or 400 mm mini boltable gutter.
  • A boltable gutter outlet,
    for 110 mm PVC downspout.
  • Joints.
  • Bolts and nuts.

Warranted 30 years against corrosion.

Option 3: Reinforcing sleeves

Reinforcing sleeves

This option strengthen the C-shaped purlins and is especially recommended in high snow load areas.

Are included in this option:

  • Hot-dip galvanized 1200 mm long reinforcing sleeves for the C-shaped purlins.
  • Bolts and nuts.

Reinforcing sleeves assembly video

Option 4: Skylight roof panels


Are included in this roofing option:

  • Top-quality skylight roof panels in place of some the standard panels.

Option 5: Bay enlarging girder

Bay enlarging girder

This option removes a column to allow the creation of large bays.
Up to 12 meters long.

Option 6: Stability girder

Stability girder

This option removes a bracing to create a passage through all the building's bays. Up to 6 meters long.

Option 7: Sliding door kit

Building door

Diagram of the door:

Door kit elements

Are included in the option:

  • 1. 0.4~0.65mm steel panels.
  • 2. Galvanized steel frame.
  • 3. Door track and wheels – Included.
  • 4. Full length antifriction galvanized door guide.
  • 5. Open/closed locking mechanism.
  • 6. Reinforced door stops with shocks absorbers.
  • 7. Open/closed locking guide.
  • Self-tapping screws, bolts and nuts.
  • Door trim and track cover.

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